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Pet microchipping presents owners with a convenient way to help prevent the loss of a beloved animal companion. The chip is no more than a very small piece of material installed under your pet's skin, and contains a unique identification number. This number can be electronically scanned by an animal shelter or clinic, linking them to a database with your pet's information to ensure their safe return. It's like equipping your animal companion with a permanent ID tag. The Dog, Cat and Bird Clinic offers professional pet microchipping for animals of all kinds at our facility.


When to Microchip Your Pet


Microchips can be applied to pets of any age and type. If you would like to have your dog, cat or bird fitted with a chip, there are a couple options for installation. One option is to schedule a microchipping appointment for your pet, during which the chip will be applied in a quick, minimally-invasive procedure. Another option is to have your companion's microchip installed while they are already receiving a surgical procedure. This method is especially convenient, as the patient will already be anesthetized, making the process even more simple and painless. Consent forms signed by owners prior to surgery contain the option of having a microchip installed during the procedure.


Pet Microchipping Information


While the modern chip can be a helpful preventative measure for many owners, the decision to have your pet microchipped is really yours to make. We recommend doing a little research into this relatively new technology to help you decide. The American Veterinary Medical Association offers a brief pet microchipping FAQ with some very useful facts on the subject. Please feel free to contact us at any time to schedule an appointment.