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At The Dog, Cat and Bird Clinic we understand that effective treatment requires an accurate diagnosis. In order to provide the very best care possible, we keep a number of diagnostic options available to our patients.


Veterinary Lab Tests


Using state of the art equipment and our very own on-site testing laboratory, pets at our facility are cared for with a commitment to excellence in a complete line of diagnostic testing services. We are able to run a number of useful procedures right here at the clinic, with lab tests for a wide range of pet health conditions that won't require outside referral to achieve results.


Diagnostic Blood Work


Diagnostic blood work at The Dog, Cat and Bird Clinic includes complete blood chemistry panels, PCV and total protein using our own in-house veterinary blood testing. Technicians can also evaluate samples microscopically in our laboratory. Since we keep it all under one roof, blood work and testing results can be produced in a quick and efficient manner. This ultimately furthers our ability to diagnose and treat every patient.


With each diagnosis, our attentive and compassionate approach to pet care continues to make the biggest difference. It is our commitment to provide effective treatment to keep pets happy and healthy through diagnostic work. For more information on the diagnostic and laboratory services available at The Dog, Cat and Bird Clinic, give us a call today.