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Essential Grooming

At The Dog, Cat and Bird Clinic, we take an approach to grooming that treats coat and wing maintenance as just another aspect of good pet wellness. Canine, feline and avian patients can all receive the essential grooming services they need from trained veterinary technicians at our facility.


Basic Grooming for Cats and Dogs


Grooming for cats and dogs at the clinic includes gentle and attentive nail clipping, shave downs and medicated baths for more serious dermatological conditions. We aim to focus our grooming services on the necessary basics of regular care and upkeep of your pet's nails, skin and coat to maintain overall wellness.


Wing Clipping for Birds


Our veterinary technicians are trained to handle the delicate conditions involved when working with avian patients at the clinic. We provide regular wing clipping for birds of all types to minimize the likelihood of a pet escaping and also as a safety measure. Clipping your bird's wings can help prevent them from accidentally flying into objects in the household.


There are many reasons why bird owners may choose to clip their pet's wings, but that decision is ultimately up to each individual owner. We recommend taking the time to research wing clipping and decide for yourself if this service is right for you and your feathered friend. Our own pet resources contain a number of helpful links for reliable avian care. 


Please get in touch with us if you would like to speak with a staff member about our grooming services for cats, dogs and birds.