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Canine, feline and avian pets alike can all be treated to safe and attentive short-term boarding services at The Dog, Cat and Bird Clinic. With convenient accommodations and a flexible booking policy, we will work with current clients to meet every need when it comes to finding a reliable caretaker for your pet.


Our Boarding Facilities


Our clinic's boarding facilities feature 3 large runs and different sized cages to accommodate a variety of canine and feline breeds. Birds have a place with us too, where they will be safely tended to away from dogs and cats. We always do our best to keep cats and dogs separated during their stay with us, which helps minimize potential conflicts and keeps stress levels generally low for our guests.


Special Boarding Services


All pets are regularly fed by our compassionate staff, who will also walk dogs in our care to make sure they get some fresh air and exercise. Any additional requirements such as regular medications or other treatments can also be administered during your pet's stay. Just let us know their needs and we will be happy to do all that we can.


Please get in touch with us to schedule your pet's stay in our professional boarding facilities.