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Pet Surgery Services

Our complete veterinary surgical services provide solutions to all kinds of pet health issues, from routine to advanced procedures. The skilled, knowledgeable and well-trained veterinarians at the Dog, Cat & Bird Clinic aim to conduct each and every surgery in accordance with the highest standards of quality and attention to detail. Should your companion require surgery, you can rest assured that our staff will provide them with the most compassionate and attentive treatment available. Should your pet require advanced soft tissue, orthopedic, or neurologic attention, trusted veterinary surgical specialists will be recommended.


We offer our patients a range of surgical procedures, including:

  • Spays and neuters
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Mass removal including treatment for eyelid tumors
  • Routine dental surgery and extractions with access to dental X-ray
  • Canine and feline cystotomies
  • Exploratory surgeries
  • Basic veterinary orthopedics


For questions about other surgical procedures, please contact the office to speak with a member of our staff.


To ensure the highest degree of safety in every surgical procedure, our veterinarians take a number of precautionary measures when treating your pet. Surgery protocol for each patient at The Dog, Cat and Bird clinic includes:


  • Complete physical exam prior to surgery.
  • Pre-anesthetic blood work on all patients over 1 year of age or record of blood work within the last two months to make sure all data is up to date.
  • Vaccination check.
  • Anesthesia provided by a certified veterinary technician with close monitoring during surgery.
  • IV catheter placement unless otherwise specified.
  • Pain management solutions following treatment.
  • Post surgical monitoring.


At The Dog, Cat and Bird Clinic, we believe comprehensive pain management is the key to easing the discomfort your pet may experience due to any medical or surgical procedure. We also aim to help improve the healing process as a whole during that time.